2 June, 2023

The Minister for Aged Care has sent a letter to Chorus customers about Chorus Home Care Package subsidy increases. Chorus has also sent a fee increase schedule to Chorus Home Care Package customers. 

Click here for Government letter

Click here for Chorus letter

Click here for the Fee Schedule (effective 1 July 2023)


Why is Chorus increasing my HCP fees?
Chorus is increasing your HCP fees due to various factors that have impacted the cost of delivering our services. These factors include the increase in operational expenses, rising wages, and the need to meet regulatory requirements. We strive to provide the highest quality of care and support to our customers, and this fee adjustment is necessary to ensure that we can continue delivering the same level of personalised care that you expect.

How much is the fee increase?
Please refer to fee schedule above.

Will there be any changes in the services provided due to the fee increase? 
The increased Home Care Package subsidy should have minimal impact on the hours of service you receive, however if there are any changes, we will reach out to you to discuss your updated budget.

Can I opt-out or decline the fee increase? 
The fee increase is necessary for us to maintain the same level of care and service quality. As a result, opting out or declining the fee increase would mean that we may not be able to continue providing our services within the current arrangement. We highly value your partnership and hope that you understand the reasons behind this adjustment.

Are there any alternatives or options available if I cannot afford the increased fees? 
Your increased subsidy in most cases will cover the increased fees. If this is not the case we will be in contact to discuss the increased fees with you.

What happens next? 
Your local team will be in touch to discuss an updated budget in the coming weeks.  If you have any questions please get in touch with your Local team.