NDIS Support

Are you eligible for funding under the NDIS? If the answer is yes, here’s what to do next to get on board with Chorus Disability Services.

Am I eligible?

Before starting the NDIS application, find out if you are eligible for NDIS funding and what alternatives there are if you are not. Click here for a quick view on eligibility. Some of the main criteria are:

  • Aged between 7 and 65
  • Live in Australia and have Australian residency
  • Have a permanent and significant disability
  • Use special equipment or need support

Visit the NDIS website for more information about eligibility here.

An infographic which can be downloaded to see if you are eligible for NDIS support services

Applying for NDIS funding

Applying for the NDIS can be a long and at times difficult process. It is worth it though, with lifelong assistance at the end. There are many resources available on the NDIS website including a step-by-step guide on to how to apply and where to get extra help from an NDIA office or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) partner. Visit the NDIS website here for more information on how to apply.

Getting the most out of your plan

We don’t try to squeeze you into a box that someone else has designed. Chorus can help you create a plan that works for you, including:

  • Identifying the service you need.
  • Coordinating and liaising with other service providers if required.
  • Managing your supports within your budget.

Chorus works with you to manage and review your plan as your needs and goals develop. Call us today on 1800 264 268 or complete the form below.

NDIS Chorus Fee Schedule

“It's made it easier for me to get out and go to places“
“I like the NDIS. they do a lot for you and it's great“
“Having more access to different services is going to be great“
Brie's mum, Tania

NDIS Resources

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