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Episode 21: Dancing across borders

Join Dan and Louise this week on Chorus Voices as they explore the power of dance to foster personal connection, improve physical health, and spread joy through a community.

Episode 20: Green Fingers Working Together

Join Louise this week on Chorus Voices as she meets up with Tolly Haienko to explore the Horticulture and gardening work that is done throughout, and outside of Chorus.

Episode 19: Corporate Rebels

Join Dan and Jamin this week on Chorus Voices as they meet with the founders of Corporate Rebels – an organisation bent on understanding what makes a great workplace.

Episode 18: Chorus Kitchen

Join Dan and Louise this week on Chorus Voices as they explore the inner workings of the Chorus Kitchen, a food support service that is ‘more than just a meal.’

Episode 17: Shining a Light on Mental Health

In support of Mental Health Week, Louise meets with Chorus staff who foster healthy, happy minds by working closely alongside people on their ongoing mental health journeys.

Episode 16: We Are Chorus

On episode 16 of Chorus Voices, Dan and Louise chat to the key players in the making of ‘We are Chorus’ and get an inside look at this unique story.

Episode 15: A Family Living With Dementia 

Dementia affects the individual, the family, and the community surrounding it. Understanding all these components is key to providing effective care.
During Dementia Awareness Month, Chorus tells the story of a family living with dementia.

Episode 14: The Man who loved his Donkey more than his Wife

This week, Dan and Louise head to the Bull Creek Multicultural Activity Centre. Explore how celebrations of culture have created a pathway to an incredible community that gives joy, belonging, health and purpose to all those it touches.

Episode 13: Emergent Strategy

The best strategies are informed by experience, reflection, and aspiration. In episode 13 of Chorus Voices, hosts Dan Minchin and Louise Forster explore how Chorus uses these factors to drive the forward-thinking strategy that has seen the organisation thrive.

Episode 12: Disability Employment Services

Chorus Disability Employment Services (DES) is a programme that supports customers to find employment that is right for them long term.
This week Dan and Louise discuss Chorus Disability Employment Service, and learn how it’s changing lives and putting the community back in community services.

Episode 11: Our House

A place to gather, to connect, to have a laugh, and to share a meal.
This is what Chorus offers with ‘Our House’, a purpose-built home in Mandurah that hosts daily gatherings for seniors and people living with disability.
The offering is a simple, but essential one. Listen in to Episode 11 of the Chorus Podcast to learn how Our House, and the other Chorus Day Centres change lives.

Episode 10: Mental Health Recovery

Chorus is all about enabling people to live the life that they choose, and mental health support is a big part of that.
Today, Dan and Louise discuss mental health at Chorus and how the philosophy “walking beside someone” is revolutionising the way mental health service operates. Let’s talk to some of the people involved in bringing about change in mental health services.

Episode 9: The Ability Arts Centre

Expression. Connection. Healing. Art has always been a vehicle for these necessary components of human health and happiness.
Today, Louise and Dan explore how people living with disability have been given the power of art through the Chorus Ability Arts Centre in Mandurah, Western Australia. Let’s talk to some of the artists and hear firsthand what art can do!

Episode 8: Pathways to Community Service

This time, we’re doing something a little different – an exploration of community service and Chorus through the eyes of the leadership team – our hosts Louise Forster and Dan Minchin. Today, Louise and Dan share some of the stories and experiences they have enjoyed along their paths to becoming Chorus.

Episode 7: Home Care Packages

In this episode, we dive into the Chorus approach to aged and in-home care, find out how the organisational landscape is changing, and learn what a day in the life is like for those giving and receiving care.

Episode 6: Creating the Kind of Organisation People Want to Work With

What’s the difference between doing a job, and loving it? And how can an organisation become a place where its people are doing the latter?
In this episode of the Chorus Voices Podcast, hosts Dan Minchin and Louise Forster ask these tough questions of themselves, their organisation, and – most importantly – their team members.

Episode 5: The Value of Volunteering

Volunteering – it’s one of those words that the dictionary fails to define.
Look it up, and you’ll find something like ’to freely offer to do something.’ But experience it – as a volunteer or a beneficiary – and you’ll know just how far beyond that definition the act of volunteering goes.
In this episode, hosts Dan Minchin and Louise Forster dig beneath the surface to find the true meaning behind volunteering. To do this, they call upon some of the amazing volunteers involved in Chorus. This episode is full of lived experiences and deep meaning – so sit back, tune in, and prepare for the ride!

Episode 4: What’s in a Brand?

Episode 4 of the Chorus Voices Podcast delves into the topic of branding through the journey of Chorus itself.
For-purpose veterans Dan Minchin and Louise Forster explore how to build a business that truly means something. Learn from their rich experience what it takes to breathe strong values and character into a brand that is consistent and relevant.

Episode 3: Technology that Connects and Empowers

With the power to open new worlds, technology offers incredible opportunities for previously challenged and isolated community members. But the constant rate of change can be intimidating to people and businesses alike.

Join hosts Louise Forster and Dan Minchin as they explore how technology can enable everyone Chorus works with to live the life they choose.

Episode 2: Cultivating Community Through Gardening

Gardening is in many ways a metaphor for health. A garden requires tending. It requires time, attention and caring. The more love a garden gets, the healthier and more beautiful it becomes. A garden spreads joy to all those around it.
Join Chorus Voices Podcast hosts Louise Forster and Dan Minchin as they explore how gardening has taken root in the Chorus community.

Episode 1: Culture – The Heartbeat of an Organisation

Welcome to the first episode of the Chorus Voices Podcast! We’re jumping into the deep end and exploring the vital subject of work culture. Namely – what it means, how to build it, and what it can do for an organisation.