Chorus NDIS customers can enjoy a weekend away

There’s nothing quite like a weekend away to help you recharge your batteries. That’s why Chorus has two five-bedroom houses available for customers to enjoy a weekend retreat together. Customer Operations Manager Amy Galpin said Chorus supports customers of all different needs through the National Disability Insurance Scheme to take advantage of this kind of […] 20 January 2021


Fun Christmas games the whole family can play

Christmas is about so much more than turkey, mince pies and watching the kids unwrap presents. For many of us, Christmas is about spending time with our families and the people we hold dearest. But, sometimes, after the dinner has been eaten, the wrapping paper has been tidied away into the recycling bin, and all […] 16 December 2020

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Dan’s Diary #8: Leadership from Everywhere

Chorus CEO Dan Minchin’s monthly reflection on how we are putting the community back into community service.        December 2020 In this month’s blog, I’m going to ruminate on leadership. Before you roll your eyes, my intent is not to add to the mountain of writing on leadership caricatures. This is not about […] 11 December 2020

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Rewarding Careers in Community Service

One of the fastest growing industries in Australia and throughout the world is health care and social assistance. The global pandemic has turned the industry on its head with an increased demand for care workers, like support workers. And being a support worker is a rewarding career. What is a support worker? People doing support work are […] 1 December 2020

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Disability Employment: The next steps

If you’re a person living with disability, entering or re-entering the job market can present challenges. Securing a job is only the first step. Chorus provides support for customers once they’re in the job to help improve the chances of long-term employment and job satisfaction. Denise Garner is a Post-placement Support and Marketing Consultant working […] 11 November 2020


Dan's Diary #7: Making things simple

Chorus CEO Dan Minchin’s monthly reflection on how we are putting the community back into community service.        November 2020 I’ve been brought back to earth in the last couple of months. Not in a bad way. In fact, the experience has made me clearer on the path forward for Chorus, along with […] 4 November 2020

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10 tips to help an ageing parent choose in-home care

Helping your parent understand it’s time to choose aged-care support services can be difficult. The conversations are often met with resistance. Perhaps your parent doesn’t “want to cause any fuss”. Perhaps they feel they don’t need the help. Or perhaps they feel it marks a tipping point they’d rather not reach — a sense of […] 21 October 2020

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The benefits of being a Chorus support worker

If you’re a people person or someone who loves helping out and making life better for other people, then perhaps there’s no more rewarding job than being a support worker. At Chorus, support workers are the backbone of everything we do. They’re the smiling faces customers see every day and the very people who help […] 30 September 2020

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How nutrition impacts your mental health

It’s no secret eating a healthy diet contributes to a healthy body, but what impact do diet and nutrition have on mental health? According to BeyondBlue, food plays a vital role in maintaining mental health. If you do suffer from anxiety or depression, a change in your diet could have a positive impact on your […] 8 September 2020

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