Dan's diary: finding the "fresh approach"

Chorus CEO Dan Minchin’s monthly reflection on how we are putting the community back into community service.       March 2020 The old woman cried as she cuddled someone else’s baby. The tears were mostly joy, but I wonder if there was a bit of nostalgia, even regret. A lovely moment – one of […] 5 March 2020

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Social connectedness - The key ingredient of Chorus Kitchen

The benefits to seniors of having their meals home delivered by a meals on wheels service go far beyond the food itself, says Gigi Warren. Gigi is Team Leader of Meal Services at Chorus Kitchen – Chorus meals on wheels service – in Palmyra. Each week she and her team cook thousands of fresh meals, […] 12 February 2020

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You are never too old to play

A man in his 80s lying on the floor doing a finger-painting alongside a three-year-old is not something you see every day. But perhaps it should be? A group of Chorus customers have started visiting the Bright Futures Children’s Services Family Day Care centre to spend time doing activities with children. Organised by Paula Cronan, […] 21 January 2020

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Seven jobs to do in the garden before your summer holidays

With summers in Perth so incredibly hot, leaving your beloved garden while you go away for a few days on holiday can be a worrying thought. Will it still be alive when I get back? Or will I return to find wilted roses and dried up petunias? If you’re going away this summer, whether it’s […] 18 December 2019


How to get help from the NDIS and navigate the system

If you or a loved one is younger than 65 and has a permanent and significant disability, it’s likely you will come into contact with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Run by the Federal Government through the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), the NDIS was created to give people living with disability the support […] 16 December 2019


Little ways to micro-volunteer and make a big difference

Would like to become more involved in your community but don’t really have the time to spare to volunteer? You’re not alone! We seem to live such busy lives these days that it’s hard to imagine finding the spare hours we’d like to give to causes we believe in. So, why not try micro-volunteering instead? […] 4 December 2019


How to care for someone with dementia without losing yourself

A loved one’s dementia diagnosis is the start of a new journey. While it’s not a path anyone chooses, it’s important to remember you can still live well ­– even as your lifestyle and relationship change and adapt. A person living with dementia can have a good quality of life. Dealing with changes in memory […] 18 November 2019

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Looking after mental health in men

November is a time of year when men’s mental health receives particular focus, thanks to the fundraising activities of Movember. As moustaches start to grow on the upper lips of our friends and colleagues taking part in Movember, it’s a good opportunity to have a conversation about men’s mental health and ways we can all […] 18 November 2019

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It’s time to have a conversation about your future

When it comes to your life and future, there are conversations that are hard to have – and for most of us, thinking about aged care is one of those. In fact, research shows that while 8 in 10 Australians know they should plan for their later years, only 1 in 4 do anything about […] 29 October 2019

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