Getting to know your neighbours helps create community

How well do you know the people you’re closest to? And by closest, we literally mean closest: How well do you know your neighbours? If the answer is “not very well”, then Sunday, 28 March, is an opportunity to change that. It’s Neighbour Day across Australia. Neighbour Day is an opportunity to reach over the […] 24 March 2021

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Mental health support is available outside the NDIS

Did you know that support is available for people who are experiencing a psychosocial disability but are not in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)? While the NDIS can be life-changing for people living with a severe mental health condition, unfortunately not everyone qualifies for support. Access to the NDIS is based on the impact […] 18 March 2021

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Why dealing with hearing loss is so important

While hearing loss is perhaps something we expect as we get older, it’s not something we have to accept. Experts say loss of hearing is linked to serious side effects, including: Cognitive decline Balance issues Relationship problems Mental health problems (including depression) Loneliness and social withdrawal Gut health issues. That means if you or someone […] 2 March 2021

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9 tips for preventing falls around the home and elsewhere

Having a fall is something that can happen to us at any age but as we get older the risk of experiencing a fall grows. Falls can be caused by many different things — trips, slips, becoming unbalanced, dehydration, poor eyesight, sore feet, and even the medications you take for various conditions. While many seniors […] 25 February 2021

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Retired and ready to volunteer?

When Anne and Duncan Ferries retired, they wanted to do something to give back to their community. The Booragoon couple began volunteering at Chorus, delivering meals to customers living independently in their own homes. “We heard Chorus needed some volunteers and we were looking for a volunteering job,” Anne said. “This came up and it […] 4 February 2021


Chorus NDIS customers can enjoy a weekend away

There’s nothing quite like a weekend away to help you recharge your batteries. That’s why Chorus has two five-bedroom houses available for customers to enjoy a weekend retreat together. Customer Operations Manager Amy Galpin said Chorus supports customers of all different needs through the National Disability Insurance Scheme to take advantage of this kind of […] 20 January 2021


Fun Christmas games the whole family can play

Christmas is about so much more than turkey, mince pies and watching the kids unwrap presents. For many of us, Christmas is about spending time with our families and the people we hold dearest. But, sometimes, after the dinner has been eaten, the wrapping paper has been tidied away into the recycling bin, and all […] 16 December 2020

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Dan’s Diary #8: Leadership from Everywhere

Chorus CEO Dan Minchin’s monthly reflection on how we are putting the community back into community service.        December 2020 In this month’s blog, I’m going to ruminate on leadership. Before you roll your eyes, my intent is not to add to the mountain of writing on leadership caricatures. This is not about […] 11 December 2020

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Rewarding Careers in Community Service

One of the fastest growing industries in Australia and throughout the world is health care and social assistance. The global pandemic has turned the industry on its head with an increased demand for care workers, like support workers. And being a support worker is a rewarding career. What is a support worker? People doing support work are […] 1 December 2020

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