Disability Employment: The next steps

If you’re a person living with disability, entering or re-entering the job market can present challenges. Securing a job is only the first step. Chorus provides support for customers once they’re in the job to help improve the chances of long-term employment and job satisfaction. Denise Garner is a Post-placement Support and Marketing Consultant working […] 11 November 2020


Dan's Diary #7: Making things simple

Chorus CEO Dan Minchin’s monthly reflection on how we are putting the community back into community service.        November 2020 I’ve been brought back to earth in the last couple of months. Not in a bad way. In fact, the experience has made me clearer on the path forward for Chorus, along with […] 4 November 2020

Dan's Diary

10 tips to help an ageing parent choose in-home care

Helping your parent understand it’s time to choose aged-care support services can be difficult. The conversations are often met with resistance. Perhaps your parent doesn’t “want to cause any fuss”. Perhaps they feel they don’t need the help. Or perhaps they feel it marks a tipping point they’d rather not reach — a sense of […] 21 October 2020

Aged Care

The benefits of being a Chorus support worker

If you’re a people person or someone who loves helping out and making life better for other people, then perhaps there’s no more rewarding job than being a support worker. At Chorus, support workers are the backbone of everything we do. They’re the smiling faces customers see every day and the very people who help […] 30 September 2020

Aged Care Disability

How nutrition impacts your mental health

It’s no secret eating a healthy diet contributes to a healthy body, but what impact do diet and nutrition have on mental health? According to BeyondBlue, food plays a vital role in maintaining mental health. If you do suffer from anxiety or depression, a change in your diet could have a positive impact on your […] 8 September 2020

Mental Health

Finding employment while living with disability

Conducting a job search is challenging even during the best of times. When you’re living with a disability and trying to find employment, having the right support can make a big difference in your outcomes – both while you’re looking and after you’re employed. Challenges to finding employment when living with a disability Chorus provides […] 26 August 2020

Disability Mental Health

Dan's Diary #6: Teamwork sustains kindness

Chorus CEO Dan Minchin’s monthly reflection on how we are putting the community back into community service.        August 2020 Chorus people are, almost without exception, kind. They prefer to work with and around people, and to foster meaningful relationships. They are deeply committed to improving the lives of others. Which is what […] 13 August 2020

Dan's Diary

How to get the nutrition we need as we age

Food and eating are two of the great pleasures of life. Like everything else, our relationship with food changes as we age. For some, it can mean loss of appetite. For others, it might result in a nutritional deficiency. We talked to Chorus experts about nutrition for seniors and discovered a few surprises. Social changes […] 5 August 2020

Aged Care

Maintaining independence while living with disability

It’s easy to become dependent on carers when you’re living with a physical disability. While every person is different, acquiring life skills gives a level of independence. It also has a positive impact on quality of life and mental health. Chorus Disability Services provides customers an opportunity to acquire basic life skills’ training in a […] 29 July 2020