How to get the nutrition we need as we age

Food and eating are two of the great pleasures of life. Like everything else, our relationship with food changes as we age. For some, it can mean loss of appetite. For others, it might result in a nutritional deficiency. We talked to Chorus experts about nutrition for seniors and discovered a few surprises. Social changes […] 5 August 2020

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Maintaining independence while living with disability

It’s easy to become dependent on carers when you’re living with a physical disability. While every person is different, acquiring life skills gives a level of independence. It also has a positive impact on quality of life and mental health. Chorus Disability Services provides customers an opportunity to acquire basic life skills’ training in a […] 29 July 2020


Art therapy for people living with disability

Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” That well of creativity is what Elli Moody wants to inspire in every person participating in the Chorus art therapy program. What is Ability Arts? Elli is a social support group facilitator and runs the Ability Arts program, part of […] 15 July 2020


Dan’s Diary #5: WA - Let's build back better

Chorus CEO Dan Minchin’s monthly reflection on how we are putting the community back into community service. This month Dan imagines what it might be like to write a speech as Premier Mark McGowan to the people of WA.     July 2020 Mark McGowan, Western Australia’s Premier, couldn’t be more popular right now. Imagine, […] 6 July 2020

Dan's Diary

Accessing NDIS mental health support can be life-changing

If you’re living with a mental health condition or are in mental health recovery, receiving support from the National Disability Insurance Scheme can transform your life. In the past year a number of West Australians living with what the NDIS calls a “psychological disability” have come to Chorus, asking us to help them apply to […] 30 June 2020

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Dan’s Diary #4: Finding the “Fresh Approach”

Chorus CEO Dan Minchin’s monthly reflection on how we are putting the community back into community service.         June 2020 Six months ago, we had a pretty clear plan. On one track, we would consolidate “Chorus 1.0”: our current business model would perform acceptably in line with our four commitments (people – […] 11 June 2020

Dan's Diary

Men’s Health Week at Chorus is all about wellbeing

Men’s health is not something we talk about enough in Australia. Did you know, for example, that 68 per cent of adult men are obese? Or that only 42 per cent do enough physical activity each week? Or that 48 per cent are living with, or recovering from, a mental health condition? Maybe these facts, […] 10 June 2020

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The differences between HCPs and CHSPs explained

If you’re starting to investigate in-home aged-care options for yourself or a loved one, you’ll have come across a couple of kinds of support: Home Care Packages and the Commonwealth Home Support Program. These two things seem quite similar, so sometimes people find it confusing to know which program offers what kinds of support, and which […] 3 June 2020

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13 signs someone might benefit from in-home aged-care help

Knowing whether a loved one might benefit from in-home aged-care support can be difficult. To some extent we probably accept that there’s a general decline that comes with age. Stiff joints making it difficult to get up out of an armchair, arthritis making it hard to take the lid off the jam jar, and becoming […] 27 May 2020

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