Chorus Voices Ep 27:
Changing Tracks

5 March 2019

Chorus Voices Ep 26:
Walk A Day In My Shoes

19 February 2019

Chorus Voices Ep 25:
Wellness at Work

5 February 2019

Chorus Voices Ep 23: Summer Solace

Chorus Voices Ep 23: Summer Solace

8 January 2019

Chorus Voices Episode 22:
Christmas Special 2018

21 December 2018

Chorus Voices Ep 21: Dancing Across Borders

Join Dan and Louise this week on Chorus Voices as they explore the power of dance to foster personal connection, improve physical health, and spread joy through a community. Listen in to discover how dance has impacted the lives of various groups in Perth, and especially in seniors and people living with disability. 11 December 2018

Doris’ Story

Doris’ Story

It has been a long journey for Doris. She began with Personal Helpers and Mentors (Phams) at the end of last year and engaged with Chorus for the first time. She has made remarkable progress in her mental health recovery. A big step for Doris was engaging with Transpersonal Art Therapy through Chorus. Doris acknowledged the benefits from the therapy group and how it has helped her work through other areas of her recovery goals. 3 December 2018