Connie and Pierini moved to Australia from Italy when they were very young. With a family of five girls and three boys, there wasn’t much space growing up and Connie reminisces of topping and tailing and sharing beds with their siblings. With such a big family, they were taught the importance of helping one another out from a young age and everyone had their own jobs around the house.

Fast forward 80 years and sisters Connie and Pierini now live together again. Connie moved into Pierini’s house after her husband passed away and her health started to deteriorate with Alzheimer’s. Pierini is now her sister’s main carer and supports her with most everyday tasks.

Connie and Pierini both attend Care Options day centre programs at Kennedy House where they socialise and participate in various activities and outings. Pierini receives respite from her full-time caring role, Connie has support with her morning shower and personal needs and they both receive assistance with transport. This vital support enables the sisters to remain living at home, something Pierini promised Connie they would do for as long as they could.

It’s wonderful to hear Connie and Pierini feel like Kennedy House is like family too. The importance of family, community and home is at the heart of Connie and Pierini’s story, and at the heart of why Chorus exists.