Employment is a journey and everyone has a different experience once they start working.

If you are living with disability, entering or re-entering the job market can present challenges. Securing a job is only the first step.

Developing individual strategies for each person

Some people can lack confidence in their abilities when they first start work. It’s vital to listen to the whole story to understand where people may be experiencing difficulties or making assumptions.

No two people are the same. If someone is struggling with mental health they might need some extra support. Other people might need workplace modifications, including assistive technology or  flexible work arrangements.

Ongoing support

Regular check-ins are a great idea to ensure people are happy in their job. Ongoing support provides an opportunity to continually focus on how to make a person successful in their chosen job.

By playing to a person’s strengths and coming up with strategies to overcome any issues, workers can develop an enhanced sense of self-worth and confidence in their ability to manage their career.

DES support at work

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