Written by Fiona DiPietro Actor/Participant of Chorus

As with every other year, this year the participants from the Ability Arts drama groups took part in the annual Mandurah Stretch Festival. “Identity” was the theme for the year. Our drama group, with the assistance of our drama teacher, Kellee Aberg, came up with and put together the performance “The Journey – Walking in my shoes”. The Performance was an emotional experience, as it focused on the lives of people with disabilities, and we used drama combined with music to deliver our message.

As a group we came together and discussed topics related to people with disabilities, and shared some of our stories. The show enforced that people with disabilities had the same dreams and hopes for their lives as people without disabilities but required additional support to achieve our goals. The response we got back from the audience was outstanding as we received a standing ovation at one performance.

Special thanks to Jeff and Justine for assisting with the organising and composing of the music for the show. Thanks also to Kellee for organising and directing the show. The show was such a success we have been invited to return and perform it again at next year’s Stretch Festival.