Pamela moved from Melbourne to Perth in 2016 to stay with her family. “I had a really bad year, I was on a Home Care Package Level 4 and had experienced a lot of illness and falls,” she said.

Pamela wasn’t having much luck with her accommodation and was thinking that coming to Perth was a big mistake. She couldn’t get her wheelchair into her ensuite, nor get outside unless she got out of her wheelchair. She wasn’t eating well and her home was dirty. People would say to her: “How can you live like this? This is terrible.”

Pamela rang the Department of Housing and they told her to give Care Options (now Chorus) a call. 

A New Beginning  

Pamela spoke to Gloria from Chorus. “Why don’t you come with us? I am doing housing.” Gloria said. Gloria told Pamela about Care Options’  Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged (ACHA) program, which supports people over 65 years (or 50 years for Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders) who are homeless, or in insecure housing and at risk of homelessness.

“I’ve had constant positive support from that time on,” emphasises Pamela.  “No negativity. The team work really well together, they all follow up as promised, and they keep me and each other informed.”

Because of the amazing support and collaboration between Gloria, the ACHA program, Bethanie and the Department of Housing, Pamela requested to transfer her Home Care Package to Chorus. Now, Pamela has now found a new home and she loves it.

A Place to Call Home

Pamela has moved into a retirement living complex and there’s so much to do – bingo, hairdresser, cafeteria opening up, art and craft activities, library and gymnasium.

It’s been great being able to get outdoors into the sunshine. “There are other people that have just moved in and they say ‘Hi’,” she says.

Pamela used to feel dull and sleep a lot. “That’s all I did, sleep and put the television on,” she says. Now Pamela is feeling healthier and needs less medication. “I am secure and safe. Nobody can come into the building without swiping in. I couldn’t be happier.”

Relocating to Perth has been difficult for Pamela. But the future looks bright now.

“I wouldn’t go back. I am here now. This is home.”