Peter was not ready to return to work and was linked with Chorus Disability Employment Service for support. Through Chorus Personal Helpers and Mentors and Home and Community Care programs Peter became a volunteer and reconnected in the community.

Peter says Chorus services have helped him confidently return to employment. After 11 months as a volunteer driver, Peter has found a job as a driver for a Home and Community Care service provider in Carnarvon. He had been a truck driver for most of his life but had never considered working within the community services sector. Now he is passionate about helping others.

“I don’t volunteer because I have been made to, I do this because I want to do this. I enjoy doing this and it’s the best move I have made coming to Chorus,” said Peter.  “Getting feedback that you are doing well… is all I want, to see the smiles and the appreciation is key, the customers come first.”

According to Chorus Transport Coordinator Paula, Peter goes the extra mile. “Instead of dropping the groceries at the door he takes them into the house for us. He makes sure that we are safely secured in the car and that our seatbelts are comfortable before driving off.”

Thank you to all our volunteers for helping people to live the life they choose.Thank you, Theresa for making a wonderful contribution to the community. We will miss you, too!