Chek finds colour at Chorus Kitchen

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During Men’s Health Week we talk about the importance of men speaking up and asking for help.

Chek, once a professional cyclist, was badly injured in a bike accident. He recovered from being in a coma but had no purpose. He lived in his car for a while and wanted to end his life. One day he reached out and asked Chorus Kitchen for help.

“When something happens in life, bumps in the road that can potentially spiral health downwards… people can make a choice about putting themselves back out again,” says Louise Forster.

“I just stopped eating,“ says Chek. “I stopped cooking for myself. I ended up in a mental hospital for two weeks. I just wanted to die.”

An act of showing care through delivery of Chorus Kitchen meals has saved Chek’s life. He now volunteers in an Op Shop and takes pride and pleasure in preparing food for other people who are struggling.

“When I see your little van coming into the Op Shop and I’m there, I’m, oh, wow, Jenny or Mandy is there. I’m telling everybody there, look, my lunch is here. They’re happy for me, they know I will take off with my life. I will start cooking for myself.”

“Chek’s story is pretty confronting and daunting really,” says Dan Minchin. “We heard how low he got, but then there was a small trigger and he spoke up… (that) was ultimately what seemed to have turned things around for him.”


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