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Krystyna likes to cook, garden and have fun with her housemate, Quack Quack 2.  In this episode we learn about the journey and joy of supported independent living.

Krystyna lives with disability and been on a long journey to find a supported living arrangement. Krystyna, Krystyna’s mum Caroline and Angela from Chorus tell us about what it’s like to be independent and supported in your own home.

Angela helped Krystyna to find an Individualised Living Option (ILO), an NDIS package that funds people to live independently.

Through Support Coordination Krystyna now lives with a friend and has drop-in supports. She has more freedom and independence. It’s all about capacity building.

“You pay your own rent, your own bills, you organise your grocery shopping, plan your meals.” says Angela.

Krystyna in her garden

Krystyna in her garden

Krystyna has a lovely home and garden where she is growing vegetables out the back. She loves art, dancing and going out with her friends.  Her mum has taught her how to cook and Krystyna is quite the chef!

“What’s different is I want to move forward… be a good friend to Jess and a housemate,” says Krystyna.

“And I’m going to keep on going forward. Don’t go backwards anymore.”


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