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Culture Evolution

Culture is about people, and committing to a constructive culture is a part of Chorus life. But how do you create a great culture?

“Culture starts at the top,” says Louise. “We [also] have a manifesto which is a slightly left-wing statement on how we see the world at Chorus.”

Honest conversations help to accelerate culture transformation. Chorus has group coaching sessions in collaboration with Veraison. “Nothing is left unsaid,” says Louise. 


Culture Organisation Groups

COGS, or Culture Optimisation Groups, are an important part of the culture journey and during the 12 weeks of COGs most people have a transformation.

“They’re cross-functional, cross-hierarchical. Take your role hat off at the door.”  And everyone has a voice at COG.

Unless you build strategy into an organisation, you’re not going to deliver on that strategy. “We never dictate,” says Louise. 

To start a culture evolution Louise advises that you need resources – financial and people. Allowing time to go on the culture journey is also important.


The COG sprint

Dominic and Sam reflect further on Chorus COGs. 

“What I like about COGs is it’s a sprint” says Dominic. “They’re solving a particular problem. It’s made up from people from all across the business. And then it rotates. So, it’s not stuck on one group of people who have to come up with everything. It’s actually spreading it across the organisation.”

According to Dominic the most successful companies he’s seen are the companies who embed culture into how they operate.


Podcast Hosts: Dominic Gourley and Sam Mead

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