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This week, we are taking a look at a groundbreaking approach to community care. It’s an approach that focuses on the patient, lets management flow naturally, and has – so far – produced impressive results and impacted lives in new and exciting ways.

One organisation taking this approach is Buurtzorg. Also known as Neighbourhood care, Buurtzorg specialises in the field of community nursing and community care. Recently the organisation has become famous for its radical approach to care through self-managed teams. These teams operate with no management hierarchy and focus on how they can work best for the patient.

“There’s this overwhelming sense of energy and commitment to the work” – Dan Minchin

Keeping it simple

The Buurtzorg organisation has become a great case study for the community care industry. From starting at 0 employees in 2008, Buurtzorg now has over 15,000 employees. The ratio is about 10,000 nurses to 5,000 employees in domestic and community support.

“It’s coffee first, and then care. They work with the patient in a person-centered way to look at what their needs are and what’s important to them.” – Tina Newman

In this episode, Dan, Louise and Chorus action team member Tina chat about the benefits of a community care model that focuses on humanity rather than bureaucracy.  

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