Ability Arts

Ability Arts cultivates confidence, creativity and independence!

Ability Arts is an innovative and individualised service for people with disabilities.The program offers activities which allow freedom of expression and experimentation with many different types and forms of art, pottery, music, drama, sport and photography.Participants have the opportunity to present their works in professional exhibitions, perform regularly in the community and enjoy the friendships that they form in a safe and supportive setting.Our participants have also created their own social enterprise The Corner Shop where they are responsible for stocking and selling artworks. The money raised for this is reinvested into the pottery program to buy specialised equipment to enhance their skills further.We adopt a collaborative approach involving volunteers, community members and other organisations and regularly participate in local community events, including Stretch Arts Festival, Disability Awareness Week and our own annual Open Day.Check out our Facebook Page @abilityartswa which features our calendar of events and our YouTube site for our latest videos.Ability Arts is based at:

6 Cumberland Street
Phone: 08 9582 6333
Monday to Friday
9.00am – 3.00pm

Transport to and from the centre may be arranged and is provided for any excursions.

The Poles Apart Theatre Company has been created by and for our Ability Arts core drama group. It uses contemporary theatre to explore disability, the world and our stories.

We want to move you; we want to make you feel something.
We want to teach you about us and the world.
We want to better ourselves. We are the fantastic, fabulous five.
Kellee is our director. She keeps us in line, or maybe, it’s the other way round.
Kristi is determined and has fabulous hair.
Tina is the thinker of the group and Kim is the party animal. Mel is like a mentor.
Michael is cheeky, and the most courageous out of us all.
We hope that you become addicted to our shows and keep coming back.

-Ensemble Statement, February 2015.