Congratulations to all those involved in the Chorus culture optimisation program, which has been so successful that we won the Culture Transformation Award at the Human Synergistics International 2017 Culture Awards held in Sydney in September 2017.

In a changing and competitive environment, Chorus (formerly Care Options) leadership team realised an improved organisational culture would help them achieve their purpose by creating a workplace people loved.

Since early 2015 the organisation has been on a transformational journey. The big area for improvement was increasing employee input. Staff and volunteers wanted to have more influence or involvement in shaping the company. Staff were committed individuals  and untapped resources of ideas and creativity. Chorus wanted staff to speak up and share
their ideas.

Culture Optimisation Groups or ‘COG’ were created and were made up of representatives from throughout the business – including the CEO and frontline support workers. They were responsible for understanding the current culture and generating ideas and actions for improvement.

Today, the culture optimisation program has seen remarkable change in the organisation. Staff and volunteers are connected to each other and feel  they can make a difference within the organisation and for customers.