One of the ways Chorus helps people connect is by being part of the community. It has a team of more than 1000 staff and volunteers who work with purpose and integrity in the community – at work and outside work hours.

Last year, Chorus Ability Arts support worker and facilitator Elli Moody submitted a design to the Big Splash WA and won the People’s Choice Award. Elli, also a freelance artist and designer, runs arts projects in the community and was excited to be given the opportunity to paint a dolphin for the Big Splash.

“The Big Splash WA is a trail of dolphin sculptures painted by WA artists,” says Elli. “The dolphins will then be auctioned to raise money for Perth Children’s Hospital’s adolescent and children’s mental health department.”
The outdoor exhibition of painted dolphins launched at Elizabeth Quay on 20 January and will be on display around Perth until 4 March. It aims to raise awareness of Perth Children’s Hospital and the growing need for child and youth mental health intervention.

Chorus Head of Brand and People Louise Forster helped set up the Big Splash up in 2016-17. “I was part of an Emerging leaders in Philanthropy initiative to raise awareness, and money for youth mental health,” she explains. Her team strengthens networks and leadership skills by giving back to the WA community.
Elli is particularly passionate about the role of creativity in people’s lives – how it helps people be part of the community and the benefits it has on our mental health. “This is something we emphasise in our Ability Arts programme as we have seen the positive and ongoing benefits that participating in the arts has for our artists,” she adds.

Elli plans to take the Mandurah-based Chorus Ability Arts artists to see the dolphins in Perth and hopes the exhibition will inspire them in their own art practice. Maybe we’ll see their designs next year. Find out more about Chorus Ability Arts program here.

Elli Moody painting her designer dolphin

Elli Moody painting her designer dolphin