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Peta has been coming along to a unique art and music space at Chorus Mandurah Terrace.

She had lost her way and wanted to build her confidence and believe in herself.

“The room is open, it’s flexible,” says Kym who manages the centre. “People want to come in of their own accord.”

Peta loves working with clay. “It’s a brand new experience and it’s just nice having the opportunity with Chorus to explore all this,” she says.

Support worker Theresa has helped Peta with making choices. “If you don’t like something that somebody’s offering you, it’s okay to say no,” says Peta.

Chorus has opened doors for Peta by giving her the chance to explore possibilities. She’s worked hard to get on top of her goals. “If I can do it anyone can,” she adds.

“What I think we do at Chorus along with many other organisations who work in this space is a remarkable job of helping people find their own path,” says Dan.



Podcast Hosts: Louise Forster & Dan Minchin

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Interviewer: Dan Minchin

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